Imperium-Games offer new 6 levels cafe casino jackpots

New 6 tiers of jackpot from Imperium-Games

Published on: 04 May,2017

New 6 levels jackpot for internet cafe casino

For anybody not a secret that the biggest incentive and motivation for players is the ability to break a big jackpot. This well known fact has long been interested in the owners of game clubs and all those involved in gambling or betting business, which from year to year lured “test of fortune” new systems jackpots and other various drawings.

The Imperium-Games company offers its customers a novelty that will not leave indifferent any player — 6-level jackpot.

Each of the 6 levels of the Imperium-Games jackpot has its own setting..

Part of each player’s bet goes to the Bank jackpot, this part is divided and distributed at each level, depending on the settings of the hall. Thus, each independent of the jackpot grows. When one of the jackpots is played, then the amount is reset to the starting values, but the other jackpots continue to grow.

Jackpot system Imperium-Games is looking to work in gaming clubs with computers or payment terminals.

At the request of the owner of the club, in the settings of the hall, you can choose the right amount of jackpots. Each of them, depending on their values, has a distinctive name — Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron.

The jackpot is displayed on a stand-alone monitor or television, which gives more excitement to players, encouraging them to conquer this unavailable top.

  • Undeniable advantages of the jackpot from Imperium-Games:
  • Modern and colorful animation
  • Quick and easy settings for live jackpot on a single screen
  • Individual alerts about winnings for each player
  • Intuitive settings for the management of jackpots inside the system
  • Increase revenue by attracting new customers and increasing the interest of existing players of the club
  • Imperium-Games offers the right solutions for your business!

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