Casino software. Land-based gaming system, gambling software. Games gambling platform for online casino

Casino software. Land-based gaming system, gambling software. Games gambling platform for online casino


 The merger of the three  companies made it possible to combine the best of everything, namely the IG Imperium-games. This is the best to date offer for the high rollers.

AsiaGames has its own network in an active casino located in countries such  Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore. This is one of the biggest leaders in the Asian segment of the gambling market. The well-known online casino Golden located in one of the existing, brick and mortar casino network of AsiaGames and it provides services worldwide. AsiaGames is proud owner of the online version of the game Aristocrat, Novomatic, PlayTech, IGT, Microgaming which are so popular in Asia.

Imperium-Games is a company which develops its own software with world-renowned games manufacturers – MegaJack, Igrosoft, Aristocrat, Novomatic slot machines. Famous for its mega-quality software and precise mathematics of the real slot machine format, Imperium-Games gambling platform is one of the few programs running on any and all  platforms.

Imperium-Bet is the owner of the network of online casinos and betting PPP, and thus long-term partner of the betting companies. These proven manufacturers of high-speed game is the products which we offer. The guarantee of our faultless choice is more than fifteen years of personal service experience.


Modern gambling has reached unprecedented peaks because of the opportunities provided by Internet. Online gaming products are widespread and diverse. Millions of offers significantly increase demand and it has become difficult to find a decent software product. That is why the IG Imperium-games has made every effort to collect the best representatives of the gambling industry and their applications for high-quality games over the web.

Combining Imperium-Games companies, AsiaGames and Imperium-Games in the middle of 2014 allowed to present an unprecedented Opportunity project, specifically: IG Imperium-Games whose task is to supply the bookmakers software products that fully meet the modern requirements of the gaming industry to the interactive clubs and online – casinos.


Do you want to choose on our portal software package that is the most popular in your area? There is nothing easier! Features of our products is so multifaceted and exciting that will impress any player. The interest of new customers can open new horizons in obtaining high profits.

IG Imperium-games combined the ideas from top designers, with a leading position in the gaming markets around the world, allows to integrate into each other play platforms. We offer you products from our partners that has long been keeping a niche in the gaming industry.

Create your own empire based on our experience!


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